A New/Old Purpose for Blogging

The first blog I ever started on WordPress was hosted for free on wordpress.com, and I used it to share what I was learning as I began my IT career. It was mostly so I had a place I could look up things for myself when I needed to remember how to do something.

Fourteen years later, I am back at that same company and have finally reached my goal of being a web developer. Once again I find myself needing a place to document what I am learning, as being a front-end developer of any kind is fast-paced and overwhelming as it is a constantly changing environment.

I was considering using a different domain name for this purpose, but rather than create yet another site that needs to be maintained, I figured this space will work just fine. I will be experimenting with the design as well but for now have switched to the Hemingway theme (I had previously been using McLuhan).