John Mark Nelson – Christian Summer Camp

by John Mark Nelson


I went to Christian summer camp
When I was just a kid
It took work but I finally repressed
Half the crazy shit we did

We learned about everything
From creation to the end of time
Learned to hate our bodies, brains
And other places where the devil hides

It makes me feel crazy now
But it reminds me how
I just wanted to fit in

I didn’t want to be left out
So I ditched my doubts
And became a believer, born again

It felt real back then, crying in that dusty chapel
What I assume was God, cutting through me like a scalpel
I’d give anything to feel that right now

A few years after summer camp
I accidentally fell in love
And started racing to the fiery end
That happens when you’re too damn young

Cold nights and northern stars
Talking through the life we’d live
Making plans just real enough
To forget that we were still just kids

It makes me feel lucky now
Cause it reminds me how
I finally fit in

And I never sit around and doubt
The way it all played out
Was different than the way it should have been

It felt real back then, crying in my parent’s chevy
After I drove you home, knowing that you’d live without me
And wondering who to turn to now

The summer after we grew apart, I drove to the place we met
Then just like Christian summer camp, I never went back again

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