Checkmate in 12

I haven’t played live chess in awhile, but after finished Garry Kasparov’s course on Masterclass, I decided to begin testing what I had learned. I only had 2 inaccuracies, with no mistakes or blunders. Not bad for such a short game.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from the course is to study all of your games to learn how you can improve; both from your wins and losses. So, I’ll be sharing that analysis as often as possible.

Link to game:


  1. Only 5 pieces were exchanged; all pawns (3 of theirs and 2 of mine).
  2. I tried to play more aggressively than usual, which could have gotten me in trouble when I brought my queen out early.
  3. This led to my first inaccuracy where I should have played h3 in move #5.
  4. Be2 in move #7 was mainly so I could have the ability to castle soon. According to the chess engine, I should have used it to check on b5.
  5. Once they castled, I started setting up my pieces to try to checkmate with Qxh7. To do that, first I played Bd3. From there, I knew it was 2 more moves for my queen, and I would need to move their knight off of f6.
  6. Their next move put my queen at risk, which gave me the perfect excuse for the first of the 2 moves. I actually waited a few extra seconds to make it look like I didn’t know where I wanted to go.
  7. It worked perfectly because knowing their knight on f6 was being protected by the bishop and queen behind it, I figured they might try to move the knight thinking it would put my queen at risk. This was a blunder because it left f6 completely unprotected while keeping my bishop in line to protect my queen for the final move.

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