Your Story is Worth Telling

This is what I’ve been telling myself for the last week and half while I’ve stopped publishing daily blog posts. I haven’t stopped writing, but after a few family sicknesses and other life-distractions, I lost a bit of motivation to share anything with the world.

I have also had a bit of difficulty finding enough clarity to write something sensible and organized. Even today, I don’t feel particularly confident in my ability to communicate, but decided to push through it and get something out of my head.

Today I read a few fascinating stories about women in technology. It’s something I care about because of my four daughters who I used to hope would find something interesting about the digital world so we could share a common interest. But after seeing the reality of these stories in today’s world, I’m not sure I still do.

That said, it’s 100% their choice what field they want to study and my only true hope is that they are fulfilled in whatever they do, whether it’s a career, raising a family, or both. I just feel a frustration that the field I’ve chosen is inherently less fair to women and I don’t really know what to do about it.

On the other hand, I’m encouraged by the strong, female role models in the Philadelphia area who are building their careers and paving the way for future generations of women. I hope communities like Girl Develop It and Ela Conf¬†continue to thrive¬†so my daughters will have a safe place to learn and be empowered, if they so choose. I know the WordPress community will be a place we can learn together as well.

Most of all, I’m so glad and grateful for my wife, and their mother, who is the best role model I could ever hope they could have. Ultimately I believe she will be the greatest influence in shaping their personalities, and that alone gives me enough hope to get through each day.

I want my kids to know they are worthy of any dream they have, and I will love and accept them no matter what they decide to do. And their stories will always be worth telling.

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