Preparing for WordCamp Lancaster

I finally finished my slides for Saturday, so now I just have to practice it a few times and I’ll be good to go. I’m been hearing great things about WordCamp Lancaster and am very excited to attend for the first time!

On another note, I’ve started a side project of building a dollhouse for my daughters. Once it’s finished I’ll post some photos, but so far it has been an enlightening experience. I’m not an experience builder, so I am learning a lot as I go.

Whether it’s giving talks, creating websites, building things out of wood, or other creative projects, I love working through challenges and learning new things while solving problems. But there’s something special about creating a physical object that’s fulfilling in a different way than making things with code. I can’t really explain it yet but hopefully I can understand it better once this project is done.

Anyway, keeping everything in balance is always a challenge and I want to make sure I’m rested and prepared for Saturday.

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