An experiment in creating value

A few weeks ago, I decided to start blogging more frequently at Open Waves Design, my business for web design and development. I had a resource for 40 blogging topics and planned to blog through them. I knew I couldn’t do one per day and keep up this daily blog as well, but I figured 2-3 per week was reasonable.

I was wrong.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t do it, although I probably would’ve failed to keep up that pace in the long-term. It wasn’t even that it was difficult since I already had the topics preselected. However, what I realized was I wasn’t creating value in a space where I should be doing so, in a much different way than I do here.

On this site, I try to keep all of my posts under 300 words, which helps not only with the consistency but keeps me focused on the main points and not adding extra words for the sake of making them longer. But I quickly realized on my other site, it was more difficult to keep the post lengths shorter.

A change was inevitable.

As one experiment failed, I’m already starting another. Instead of creating shorter posts more frequently, I’m going to write one longer post per week there. My plan is to create much more valuable content by being more thorough and interactive with each post. Doing so will give me more time to adequately research each topic in order to build a resource of posts worth reading if you are looking for that specific type of content. I will aim for around 2,000 words for each one and probably post towards the end of each week.

It’s important to experiment with creating value while keeping true to the personal reasons for doing this in the first place. My specific goals for each site are obviously much different, so it makes sense that my strategy for creating content would (or at least could) be different as well.

How have you experimented with alternate strategies to create more value on your site?

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