Finding your Focus

One of the things blogging has helped me find is more clarity about what I want to do, and just as importantly what I can (and therefore also cannot) do. By forcing myself to focus on things worth writing about, I have found clearer thinking to be a natural byproduct of that process.

Since we are constantly bombarded with distracting things in our lives, and exponentially so online, the ability to focus on important tasks becomes increasingly difficult. Between social interactions and expectations, advertisements, FOMO (fear of missing out), and many other things, it can be easy to lose track of our time online.

A tool I’ve recently deployed to help me focus and be more productive is RescueTime. I’ve been using it for the last few weeks and it’s been useful to see where my time goes and how much time is really being “lost” on less important tasks.

One thing I’ll be doing is looking at my workflows for various tasks within projects and figuring out what can be automated or simplified. There is a concept in programming called “DRY” which stands for “don’t’ repeat yourself.” In code it means to write in a way that makes the program as effecient as possible. This concept can be applied to our regular lives as well by finding ways to become more efficient to save time and energy (both mental and physical).

Another practical example will be with my writing on this site. I’ve tried to keep most posts between 300-500 words. Now, I’ll be trying to keep most posts under 300 words. Doing so will not only save time, but help me practice using less words to express my ideas. Adding constraints will save time but also help me learn to write more clearly.

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