Understanding Web Design by Jeffrey Zeldman

An amazing talk that covers the history of design on the web. Can’t believe I haven’t read more about this guy already.

When the institutions we’ve appointed to judge our best work don’t understand the nature or value of that work, then our clients, bosses, and coworkers won’t understand it either. And their lack of understanding can put crippling limits on your professional happiness, your long-term career, and the success of your next project.

In this 60-minute video, captured live at An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition in Walt Disney World, An Event Apart co-founder Jeffrey Zeldman explains how to define the essence of our profession, and become the ambassador for web design that our work and your career deserve.

It wouldn’t let me embed the video, so just click the “Watch on Vimeo” link below.

(I’ve been thinking about posting things on the weekend that I find interesting, instead of writing a long blog post.)

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