Share what you know

Recently¬†I wrote about my fear of failure and how there is nothing original left to do. Which¬†leaves the question, “what do I do now?”

The only way I know how to answer is to tell you to share what you know. Or, share what you don’t know, but what you are learning.

Sharing what you’re learning actually helps you learn it better. You don’t have to blog or make a video about it though. You can just tell someone about it, whether to teach them or just to explain what you’re doing in a conversation.

Secondly, sharing connects you to people in interesting ways. For one, they will come to think of you as an expert on that subject matter. They might ask you questions to give you more things to learn if you don’t know the answer, or connect you with another person they know could use your help. These relationships will help you find your calling, and maybe even your niche.

Next week I’ll be sharing what I’ve been learning, both from a technical perspective and unrelated things. I’ve committed to reading more next year (starting now though), so I’ll be sharing things as I am changed by them or feel compelled to respond.

What are you learning right now that you could be teaching someone else?

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