Nothing New Under the Sun

One of the things that has kept me from sharing my ideas and thoughts over the years is the knowledge that nothing I have to say is unique. I’d always felt this burden to be original, when in reality there is nothing new that hasn’t already been said or done (even that phrase itself is thousands of years old).

I saw the documentary, “Everything is a Remix” a few years ago, and it helped me get over this frustrating and delibating mindset. To know you can’t make something new is actually quite liberating, and it gives you permission to do what you love.

Instead of being a stumbling block for creativity, I now fully embrace the concept of borrowing or stealing as an artist. Everything we are is a combination of everything around us, so in that way we ourselves are a remix or a mashup as well.

You might as well accept it, move on, and get to work.

What are your biggest influences to your creativity?

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