The Challenge of Consistency

Everything I’ve read about being successful, at anything from diet and exercise to building a business, refers to consistency as a critical component.

So if it’s so obvious, why is it so difficult?

Bad habits always seem more difficult to break and good habits are never easy to maintain.  I’m finding this to be especially true with exercise and dieting.  No matter how much I commit myself mentally to succeeding, failure (or at least a setback) is inevitable.  It’s too easy to become distracted and find excuses to “not have enough time.”  What that really means is it’s really not as much as a priority as I thought or wanted it to be.

In a world where change is constant, I’m struggling to develop consistent behaviors that I know will influence my ability to success at whatever particular goals I have created.  Maybe I just need to get better at time management.

Some things I’m going to try to fix:

  1. Sleep
  2. Scheduling
  3. Progress Tracking


No matter how much I think I can get done by staying up late, I always end up paying for it.  That one bad decision leads to more bad health-related decisions the next day (not eating right and not working out), which spirals into a very physically unhealthy lifestyle.  Not to mention being tired all day really sucks.


I’m going to keep a centralized calendar of all my scheduled commitments and activities so I know exactly how much time I have available in any given week.  I will keep this synced to my phone so I have it readily available.

Progress Tracking

For any goal I have, I will be keeping track daily or as often as I make any progress worth tracking.  This will not be published publicly, but will be kept for at least these three areas: fitness, music, and web design.  I may post things related to these 3 things when significant goals are accomplished and are worth mentioning.

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